Capfin Loans PEP Stores

Capfin offers personal loans through all PEP stores in South Africa. A PEPkor company, Capfin is a registered credit provider and financial service business. Capfin does not hold a banking license, nor does it offer a transactional platform but rather uses technology to provide fast access to low-cost loans.

Capfin loans online

Capfin loans online

The Capfin loans have been designed to suit PEP customers who need hassle-free loans that are backed by an efficient, simple and trustworthy service.  Loan applicants need only a South African ID, a cell-phone and a monthly salary paid into their bank account in order to qualify.

Customers apply by having their ID book scanned and providing a cellphone number at any PEP store in South Africa. The customer will receive an SMS within 30 minutes acknowledging their application and Capfin will then call the customer to process a quick telephonic application.  If the loan is approved, the cash will then be paid into the applicant’s bank account within two days.

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