How to cancel UIF to qualify for R350 Grant

If your SASSA R350 application says was not approved and the reason states “UIF Registered”. SASSA Declined Reason UIF Registered means the applicant for the SASSA R350 grant is on the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) database or qualifying to receive it. However we have noticed that with a lot of these applicants, they actually do not qualify for UIF or have not been in employment for the past few months or years.By now you should know that if you want to buy prepaid, that there is no need to go to a retailer only to end up standing in a queue to buy it.

Do it the easy way via cell phone banking. It is the easiest and best way to buy airtime with Capitec app.


  • First of all, log into your Capitec app
  • Select transaction,
  • then select prepaid
  • After signing in, use cell phone banking to buy airtime, data and SMS bundles