How to Pay for DStv using the DSTV App

Now you can effortlessly pay your DStv account or top up your BoxOffice via the FNB banking app, online banking or with cellphone banking. With an FNB transactional account you can manage your DStv monthly subscription or pay for another DStv subscriber.

Paying for DStv using the DSTV App

  • Login to the FNB App
  • Select ‘Add Recipient/Bill’ under the ‘Payments’ tab, then select ‘Add Bill’.
  • Add MultiChoice as a bill using either your Customer Number or Smartcard Number
  • Your account will display under ‘My Bills’
  • Select ‘Payments’ and thereafter select ‘My Bills’ then select ‘Pay’ next to the applicable MultiChoice Bill to be paid under ‘My Bills’
  • Specify the amount and confirm

Paying for BoxOffice using the DSTV App

  • Login to the FNB App
  • Click the Buy icon
  • Navigate to ‘Entertainment’
  • Choose ‘BoxOffice’, then proceed to enter the amount and Smartcard Number
  • Confirm and your BoxOffice account will be topped up